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  1. "Lies" is a song from American R&B/pop group En Vogue. It is the second single from their debut hit album Born to mousdaritajufebvkatabilmacorthylp.coinfon and produced by Thomas McElroy and Denzil Foster, it became the group's second single to top the Billboard R&B singles chart. The single peaked at number thirty-eight, it was also their second US Billboard Hot top 40 hit.. The song is led by Dawn Genre: R&B, dance-pop, new jack swing.
  2. If something lies in a particular place, position, or direction, it is in that place, position, or direction: There's an old pair of shoes of yours lying at/in the bottom of the wardrobe. The river lies 30 km to .
  3. Aug 03,  · The Fed Fed’s Evans says the power to get the economy going lies with Congress Published: Aug. 3, at p.m. ET.
  4. Lies synonyms, Lies pronunciation, Lies translation, English dictionary definition of Lies. intr.v. lay, lain, ly·ing, lies 1. To be or place oneself at rest in a flat, horizontal, or recumbent position; recline: He lay under a tree to sleep. Lies - definition of Lies by The Free Dictionary.
  5. Lies, don't wanna know, don't wanna know, oh I can't let you go, can't let you go, oh I just want it to be perfect To believe it's all been worth the fight Lies, don't wanna know, don't wanna know, oh You only ever touch me in the dark Only if we're drinking, can you see my spark? And only in the evening could you give yourself to me.
  6. Sep 06,  · Even though my best guess is that everyone lies, it is clear that some people tell lies more readily than others. In my diary studies, for instance, the lie-telling "champ" told 46 lies over the.
  7. The house of lies is a funny and clever satire of the management consulting profession. The show revolves around the lives of the main character, Marty Kaan (Dean Cheadle) and its team, and their tribulations. Acting wise, it is surgical the actors incarnates their roles with talent. Scenarios wise, the writing is clever, crude and funny.
  8. lie in 1. verb To recline or rest in a flat position in or inside of something. When I came in, I saw all my important papers lying in a pool of water on the kitchen floor. 2. obsolescent, verb Of a pregnant woman, to be confined in the hospital while in labor or waiting to give birth to her child.

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