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  1. live in the past To be overly focused on the past, especially to the point of interfering with one's current situation. I know Tiffany was your dream girl, but you need to move on and stop living in the past. If you think that kind of rhetoric is still effective, you're living in the past. See also: live, past live in the past Fig. to live while.
  2. Mar 14,  · Although the past is an important part of our lives, it is in the present and in the future where our capacity to make transformations is settled. We are not the sum of our past, we must concentrate on living in the present. What we did in the past defined who we were at that time. But you’re not that person anymore, you’re the one living.
  3. Ignoring the history of the set and the various editions, Living In The Past is a very good album to listen to, containing a lot of varied and interesting Jethro Tull material in a range of styles, speeds and even band line ups. There are acoustic moments, hard rocking moments and live solo filled numbers with all the virtuosic musicianship you /5().
  4. Feb 12,  · Living in the Past Joseph Mitchell's unfinished memoir reveals something about being something. Posted Feb 12,
  5. The following is not a real or complete example of how Byron Katie might use The Work to help you stop living in the past. These are just my own thoughts on how “loving what is” can help you become free from the past – and how I questioned my own thoughts and beliefs about my past.
  6. Feb 02,  · What is the past vs present in borderline personality disorder? Each person diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder is often re-experiencing his or her past in what would otherwise be his or her here and now. There is a high cost to this. The person with BPD continues to live a very painful, often isolated, life. Life can pass one by.
  7. Living in the Past Lyrics: Happy, and I'm smiling / Walk a mile to drink your water / You know I'd love to love you / And above you there's no other / We'll go walking out / While others shout of.
  8. Jun 06,  · Living in the past allows you to avoid dealing with issues in the present. Think about this; it's much easier to reminisce about your high school sweetheart than it is to deal with the troubles you are currently having in your marriage.

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