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  1. Dec 27,  · Taphephobia: Fear of being buried alive. A phobia is an unreasonable sort of fear that can cause avoidance and panic. Phobias are a relatively common type of anxiety disorder. Phobias can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy using exposure and fear reduction techniques.
  2. Taphephobia also applies to the fear of being enclosed or being buried alive and is true for those who work underground such as miners. They fear the suffocation they know that will happen should they be buried alive. These people try to avoid going to the cemetery, are scared of watching horror movies, and would sometimes even avoid going to.
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  4. New album by Norway’s Cinematic Drone project Taphephobia. On is now 8th full length, we’re offered a dreamlike experience based upon personal emotional states and reflections of both the immediate environment and far reaching “outer” world. Not a concept album but rather a collection of fee.
  5. Define taphephobia. taphephobia synonyms, taphephobia pronunciation, taphephobia translation, English dictionary definition of taphephobia. n med a pathological fear of being buried alive ˌtapheˈphobic adj an abnormal fear of being buried alive.
  6. Taphophobia (or Taphephobia) is the irrational fear of being buried alive. It is closely related to other phobias such as: fear of death (Thanatophobia), fear of tombstones (Placophobia), fear of cemeteries (coimetrophobia), fear of tight and enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia) etc. The word Taphophobia originates from Greek taphos meaning “tombs or graves” and phobos which stands [ ].

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