8 thoughts on “ Shit Like A Zombie - Brainless (3) - Live Worst (DVD)

  1. The 9 Most Brainless Zombie Movies of All Time. from their graves. While ’s Shock Waves was probably the first nazi zombie movie, it certainly wasn’t the worst zombie movie. That award goes to Zombie Lake and its special effects on par with a catholic school’s carnival face painter. Lake and its special effects on par with a.
  2. Dec 09,  · TheBaxter wrote:i've heard the only way to kill a zombie is by destroying the brain. therefore, my plan in case of zombie attack is to set up a huge screen outside my house showing the World War Z trailer on a non-stop loop. that should kill those zombies brains dead.
  3. The only picture that had any scariness to it was the fist one. The rest are really lame. Especially the mummy, that’s like, WTF? I m a zombie each year for Halloween, and my own makeup that I do myself, all homemade by the way, is much better than any of these pictures.
  4. Mar 14,  · The tweakers on mountain bikes especially exhibit zombie-like behavior. They love to swerve in front of you when you’re driving 40mph down the road, it’s actually pretty damn scary. Oh and if you drive a Honda here, consider it gone, because a tweaker will most definitely steal your Honda.
  5. A countdown of the best zombie movies/tv shows that I've seen, updated as I watch more. I know there's some glaring omissions from the genre, but I'm working on seeing more so bear with me if you don't see one of your favourite classics.
  6. Brainless Zombie Zombie Carnage 4. Zombie Rip Zombie Hero 3. Zombie Motocross Zombie Charm 5. Zombie Defense Zombie Cleaners 4. Zombie Race Zombie Waster Zombie Blitz There are games related to Headless Zombie 3, such as "Headless Zombie" and "Headless Zombie 2" that you can play on.
  7. Sep 22,  · Easily the worst touring experience of my entire life was the White Zombie tour we did. I could write a whole book about that infernal bullshit. On the first day of the tour, the first person we met from the entire White Zombie cast and crew was a mullet headed road manager who ended up behaving like a mean version of Cotton Mather.

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